The magical influence of the Mythal of Tel’Quessir Akh’Faer (TQAF) encompasses the entire flying citadel and is more than simply how the edifice flies.   Like others of its kind it grants a variety of powers based on certain conditions therein.  As it contains the spirit of the heroic Josidiah Starym, it has an affinity for that family in general, and is extraordinarily intelligent and clever, not to mention generally honorable, as Josidiah was in life.
This potent form of elven high magic forbids the casting of several types of spells, causes other spells to be permanently in effect, and allows the denizens of the academy to use still other spells with a word. The mythal’s effects cover the entire floating island itself, plus an area 100 yards beyond its limits in all directions.
Becoming attuned to the mythal requires a special ceremony that lasts a full day, plus the expenditure of 2,500 XP. Attunement also requires the aid and approval of Kazar, the Raven Queen, or one of the 5 senior leaders of Tel’Quessir Akh’Faer (the Spell-Major or the Spell-Captains).
1 Grand Power: The Grand Power of Myth Ngolo empowers the colossal stone island and edifice to fly at a rate of 50’ at the mental command of the pilot.  This flight acts as floatation if the edifice lands on water.  With certain controllers and icons, it can also travel between crystal spheres (spelljamming) and planes (plane shift).
• The Artblade is required to activate and control spelljamming abilities of the Academy.
• A Cubic Gate is required for the flying island to plane shift (to the planes the cube is attuned to).
4 Major Powers:
1. The entire edifice can be cloaked in a major image.  This can take one of several pre-programmed forms:
o A cloud.
o A gigantic raven flying.
o A bright white glowing cloud-castle (like cloud-giants would have).
o A full Moon.
o A huge black void.
2. Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum (can be bypassed if attuned and have the right control item).  These powers can be individually deactivated by the Spell-Major or the Spell-Captains.
o Sound can’t pass through the area’s barriers.
o The barrier prevents vision (including darkvision) through it.
o Sensors created by divination spells can’t appear inside the area or pass through the barrier.
o Creatures in the area can’t be targeted by divination spells.
o Nothing can teleport into or out of the area. (must be deactivated to teleport)
o Planar travel is blocked within the area. (must be deactivated for planar travel)
3. Extradimensional Spaces in the Spiral Staircase.  Any number of extradimensional spaces can be created and maintained from the central spiral staircase if one is attuned to the Mythal.
o As Magnificent Mansion for those with high-level attunement (Spell-Major and Spell-Captains), complete with a Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound to guard the occupants.
o As Rope Trick for the lowest level of access that forms a simple room with basic furnishings.
4. Arcane Gate (to Evermeet). The Private Sanctum must be deactivated to work.  Requires the Artblade to activate even then.
22 Minor Powers: The minor powers of a mythal are considered minor only due to their need for activating conditions, ranging from a command word to the presence of particular creatures or objects within the mythal. The powers have limited duration, and many are accessible only to those who know their activators. Minor powers are often the offensive or sundry powers; some are quite powerful, despite their label as minor. Finally, characters attuned to the mythal may activate any of the following spells by command word, exactly as if it were an ability of a magic item in the character’s possession:
1. air walk,
2. bless weapon,
3. enhance ability,
4. warding wind,
5. control water,
6. discern lies,
7. dispel chaos,
8. dispel evil,
9. feather fall,
10. Otiluke’s resilient sphere,
11. quench,
12. remove curse,
13. remove paralysis,
14. shield,
15. magic missile,
16. silence,
17. tongues
18. legend lore,
19. commune with city
20. guards and wards
21. beast sense
22. skill empowerment
• The mythal has the statistics of an intelligent legendary item or artifact.
• Is ‘keyed’ to multiple tiers of access and security, with commensurate levels of abilities granted with higher levels of security access.
• Tied to the various kiira in the Akh’Faer, which represent the higher tiers of access in the mythal: