+3 Moonblade of Kazar (transforming Moonblade of choice, are treated as an artifact that grows as the excepted heir grows to use it and require attunement by a heir of Kazar Starym (currently Skywise or Earthsong).  The shape and type of weapon determined by it’s wielder. As an elven moonblade the swords will have the following properties:
Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 7 (1d8 + 3) slashing damage, or 8 (1d10 +32) slashing damage when used with two hands. Welder can expend 1 of the Moonblade’s charges to deal an extra 3d6 force damage on a hit.
The Moonblade of Kazar is a sentient, rune-carved Moonblade set with thin purple Mythal veins. It is the symbol of office for the Moonblade of Kazar , the highest-ranking elven heir in Tel’Quessir Akh’Faer. As the rightful owner of the Moonblade of Kazar , Skywise is the only one who can become attuned to it. The Moonblade can, however, choose a new owner, (see “Personality” below).

The Moonblade of Kazar has the magical properties of a Staff of power (see the Dungeon Master’s Guide) in addition to the following properties.

Animate Walking Statues. You can expend 1 or more of the Moonblade’s charges as an action to animate or deactivate one or more of the walking statues of Tel’Quessir Akh’Faer (see appendix B). You must be in the academy to use this property, and you can animate or deactivate one statue for each charge expended. An animated statue obeys the telepathic commands of Kazar Starym’s divine spark, which is stored inside the Moonblade (see “Personality” below). A walking statue becomes inanimate if deactivated or if the Moonblade is broken.

Dispel Magic. You can expend 1 of the Moonblade’s charges as a bonus action to cast dispel magic on a creature, an object, or a magical effect that you touch with the tip of the Moonblade. If the target is an unwilling creature or an object in the possession of such a creature, you must hit the creature with a melee attack using the Moonblade of Kazar before you can expend the charge to cast the spell.

Drain Magic. This property affects only creatures that use spell slots. When you hit such a creature with a melee attack using the Moonblade of Kazar , you can expend 1 of the Moonblade’s charges as a bonus action, causing the target to expend one spell slot of the highest spell level it can cast without casting a spell. If the target has already expended all its spell slots, nothing happens. Spell slots that are expended in this fashion are regained when the target finishes a long rest, as normal.

Master of Enchantment. When you cast an enchantment spell of 1st level or higher while holding the Moonblade, you can make an Intelligence (Arcana) check with a DC of 10 + the level of the spell. If the check succeeds, you cast the spell without expending a spell slot.

Sentience. The Moonblade of Kazar is a sentient Moonblade of neutral alignment, with an Intelligence of 25(+7), a Wisdom of 18(+4), and a Charisma of 19(+4). It has hearing and darkvision out to a range of 120 feet, and it can communicate telepathically with any creature that is holding it.

Personality. The Moonblade has the spirits of all previous Moonblade of Kazar stored within it. Its creator, Kazar Starym, is the dominant personality among them. Like Kazar, the Moonblade is extremely in the protection of the Academy’s interest and will scarifice itself and the wielder to protect the Tel’Quessir Akh’Faer, especially if another heir is alive to carry on. It prefers to counsel its owner without exerting outright control. The Moonblade’s primary goal is to protect Tel’Quessir Akh’Faer and its deemed heir, currently Skywise Starym. Its secondary goal is to help its wielder become more powerful to protect the Tel’Quessir Akh’Faer and it’s elven people.

In the event that the holder of the office of the Moonblade of Kazar no longer serves the Moonblade’s wishes, the Moonblade ceases to function until it finds a worthy inheritor — someone whose loyalty to Tel’Quessir Akh’Faer is beyond reproach. If EarthSong is still alive, their Moonblade will be imbued with the properties of the Moonblade of Kazar, and this one will become a standard long sword (non-magical)

Spirit Tied to Mythal. When the Moonblade of Kazar dies, the spirit of that individual becomes stored in the Moonblade along with the spirits of the previous Moonblade of Kazar s. (A Moonblade of Kazar whose spirit is stored in the Moonblade can’t be raised from the dead.)

Destroying the Moonblade would release the spirits stored inside it, but in that event, Kazar’s divine spark can lodge itself inside any one piece of the Moonblade that remains. The piece containing Kazar’s divine spark has the Moonblade’s Sentience property but none of its other properties. As long as this piece of the Moonblade exists, Kazar’s divine spark can make the Moonblade whole again whenever he wishes. When the Moonblade is remade, the spirits of the previous Moonblade of Kazar s become stored inside it again. The blade has a contingency: If the Moonblade fully destroyed by some destructive force (disentigration, annillihation, wish, divine force, etc.), the divine spark and spirits within, will be absorbed into the Mythal of the Tel’Quessir Akh’Faer, and divine Kazar Starym will be aware of the situation and take retributive actions.

Notes: Damage: Force, Bonus: Saving Throws, Bonus: Armor Class, Bonus: Spell Attacks, Bonus: Ability Checks, Moonblade of Kazar heir, who must be a elven heirkazar_moonbladeOfTransformationSet