House Starym of ancient Myth Drannor has preserved much of the knowledge and traditions of the ancient cadre of arcane warriors of the Akh’faer. Kazar Starym and his cousins of the House rescued and sequestered the ancient order of the Akh’Faer as Myth Drannor was being overrun. The rescue came in the form of ancient high magic and the birth of a new mythal. As the ancient elven high mage Mythanthar had designed and ultimately become part of the mythal of Myth Drannor, so has Josidiah Starym, Spell Major of the Akh’faer, become part of the new true mythal that protected the lore of his race, his house, and his profession…magic in the defense of the Elven People.
Kazar pursued the peaceful pursuit of knowledge and concealed the history of the Ahk’Faer, and had dubbed the mythal-powered flying place of magical lore the ‘Academy of Lore’, and encouraged the collection and pursuit of knowledge amongst many races, but has reserved his greatest secrets of lore for his eventual successor, his son, whom he had sequestered in another place of learning deep in the Astral plane. This son, Skywise, inherited the Academy as Kazar’s power reached its apex and the archmagi ascended as a demigod. Skywise, raised far from his heritage, has become fascinated with his roots and has elected to re-emphasize the elven origins of the flying edifice, re-dubbing it ‘Tel’Quessir Akh’Faer’ (TQAF)…The People’s Academy of the Art.

Skywise Starym, has named himself the Black Prince of Elves…and his newfound elder half-sister the Pale Princess. He has also assumed the ancient title of Spell-Major of the Akh’Faer and has re-militarized the organization and its defenses. His worship of the Raven Queen has instilled a philosophy of elven unification in his soul, and Skywise has declared the Tel’Quessir Akh’Faer a refuge for all species of elves.