Over the many hundreds of years since the fall of Cormanthyr and Myth Drannor, under the guidance of the new Spell Major, Kazar, the mission of the flying arcane citadel has become one of peace and preservation of knowledge.  It has long been a sanctuary for those seeking knowledge, and a place of respite for the elves.  Recently, with the ascension of Kazar, his young song, Skywise, has inherited the mantle of leadership.  Skywise has learned much of his father’s history in the passing months and has elected to embrace the heritage and symbolism of his ancient House and race, re-naming the generically referenced ‘Academy of Lore’ to the Tel’Quessir Akh’faer…the People’s Army of Art…in honor of those ancient tradition…and prejudices.
Skywise has embraced his newly discovered elven heritage enthusiastically.  He is enraptured with the deep history and aesthetic majesty of his long-lived kin, and his worship of the Raven Queen, who once fought to prevent the schism of elven races, has led him to a life mission to reunite the elven races…all of them.  As the inheritor of the Academy, he is refocusing its purpose to serve as a catalyst to rebuild the elves as a holistic community rather than scattered and weak fragments of communities separated from their heritage.
The Tel’Quessir Akh’faer has a newly clarified hierarchical system built upon the original structure of the Akh’faer of Myth Drannor.
Officer Rank Group Troops Under Command Troop total # under the leader at left including the officers # of this rank total Symbol/Kiira
Spell-Major Akh’Faer 4 Flights 11756 1 Selu’Kiira
Spell-Captain Flight 2 Wings 2938 4 Selu’Kiira
Arfaern Wing 4 Spheres 1468 8 Kiira N’Vaelahr
Faernae 2 Spheres 366 32 Kiira N’Vaelahr
Faerne Sphere 4 Circles 182 64 Tel’Kiira
Faernos 2 Circles 90 256 Tel’Kiira
Faernaa Circle 4 Rings 44 512 Kiira
Faernil 2 Rings 10 2048 Kiira
Faerniir Ring 4 Troops 4 4096 Ring only
Equipment: Historically all troops in the Akh’Faer bear a ring identifying them as such and grants them resistance against magic as well as wands of detect magic. Junior officers often are granted a complement of wands of such spells as magic missile or lightning bolt, while senior officers might be given rods of absorption or rods of security.
Tattoos: The Akh’Faer use tattoos to signify rank. All the akh’faern wear black lightning sigils on the backs of their hands. As they become officers, they gain a large tattoo made up of azure lines and as they progress, up to four interlocking circles are added. Once a senior officer, yellow is added to the azure to make it green, and further up they gain concentric lozenges in black, intersecting with the circles. Finally, a Spell-Major has all his designs turned silver on green using the power of the Artblade or the painstaking skill of a tattoo artist.
All branches of the Tel’Quessir Akh’faer are granted tattoos as medals in recognition of service as well. Some of the common medals given to the members are the Akh’Aegis (for being seriously wounded in defense of the realm), Ister’s Star (for an akh’faern who created and gifted a spell to the military), and the Crossed Swords (Historically for any elf who fought drow and survived; some even chose to receive the tattoo a number of times for each drow slain) given for enemies fought and slain…NOT for slaying drow.