The grand House Starym of ancient Cormanthyr is an Elven house that has a complex history.  Since the Coronal decried that other races would be welcome to live in Myth Drannor, the racist core of House Starym has resisted.  Splinters founded the Eldreth Veluuthra, and have traveled to establish numerous private estates in Elven settlements that are more reclusive.  Kazar Starym sought to preserve the library of the Akh’Faer of Myth Drannor as the city of Myth Drannor was being sacked, and succeeded in helping establish an new mythal, tearing the library from the ground and sending it flying across the skies.  Since then tme has spun on and the ‘Academy of Lore’ became a more open and generally inclusive location of collected magical lore.  Until recently, following Kazar’s ascension, and the subsequent inheritance of the Academy by Skywise Starym, whereupon the new leader of the flying bastion of lore began implementing policies that emphasize Elves once again.

Part of this legacy includes recovering or replacing the Starym Moonblade…which has a terrible and corrupt history all of its own.  Kazar was trying to replace the ancient cursed blade with one more befitting the true heart of Starym.  In his magical explorations he discovered a method whereby willing Elves could slowly transform themselves into magical blades that mimic the moonblades quite well.  These unique blade-singers are slowly developing their skills as Skywise finds a place for the Akh’Faer in the new world, and preserves a place for the Elves in Faerun.


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